How To Completely Remove Popcorn Time From Windows 7 & 8

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  • This tutorial will show you how to remove Popcorn Time from Windows 7 & 8.
20/03/2017 Mari
is popcorn time virus??? my friend downloaded it on my computer and now im paranoid AF...

16/02/2017 IamLian
i installed the app but quickly realized that i didn't have space on my phone for it. after i deleted the app, the storage is still full for some reason and idk why. do you think you can help?

16/01/2016 Jada Chantel
Oh shoot. I deleted it using Recycle Bin and now it's saying the files are in use?

23/10/2015 Oliver babløg
Can you make a vid for windows 10 as well?

01/10/2015 Coda
Can I somehow delete films and CLEAN HARD DISC?

18/09/2015 Sebastian Paniagua
hey guys i just need help deleting data from popcorn time on yosemite

06/09/2015 john jones
how do I take it off my android phone?

05/07/2015 VABP account
windows 8 doesnt have the ''all programs'' option

02/07/2015 Helam Sirrine
This video seems to imply that PT is adware or malware or spyware of some sort, or that it installs such on your pc. I have used popcorn time on windows installed from the official source and I currently am using it in ubuntu and I have noticed no malicious behaviours. Some distros actually install it by default on their .iso. Do you know something about PT that I don't, or is PT just a popular target for dummy downloads with malware attatched? I'm curious since I don't use windows much these days.

27/03/2015 Stronger2k9
Wow!!, Gbu amigo!!....gracias miuch for your very helpful tutorial, keep it up now!!.

25/02/2015 Miikka Ranta
Wow... xd..


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